PRF Course Highlights


The short video below provides highlights from our recent PRF Course given by Dr. Brian Toorani. In the course, Dr. Toorani reviewed phlebotomy techniques and demonstrated centrifugation with both the classic fixed angle Choukroun protocols, and the newer horizontal centrifugation methods, using the DDSGadget Horizontal Centrifuge. Using the 2 protocols, PRF clots and iPRF (liquid PRF) were produced, which were then utilized to create PRF membranes and sticky bone. Dr. Toorani created sticky bone with both Allograft , and Bioxen bovine bone (comparable to Bio-Oss). We are often asked which centrifuge is better, and the reality is that they both produce satisfactory clots, but the type of clots do differ. The Horizontal, as you will see in the video, produces a slightly thicker, more concentrated clot, while the clot generated by the fixed-angle machine is longer. So which centrifuge you use really depends on your needs and the application, and notably many offices use both machines. Learn more about the different PRF Systems and Instruments at