Screwmentation Technique vs Paths of Withdraw?


With regards to Screwmentation technique, I have 2 questions: 1. Once the crown is bonded to the abutment either extra/intraorally, does it sometimes that the whole piece is hard to be removed from the model or mouth due to different paths of withdraw of the abutment and crown? How to predict this is gonna happen? 2. Is the screwmentation technique exactly the same protocol for 3-unit bridge and single crown cases? Again, is there a RISK that the whole unit of the bridge and abutments once bonded can not be taken off from the implants/analogs due to slight different paths of withdraw of the implants?

Editors Note: Screwmentation is a technique in which a large implant supported prosthesis is attached via a combination of screw retention and temporary cementation. You cement anterior crowns typically due to angle an screw retain posterior ones. There is a full explanation of it by Uwe Mohr on DentalTown. For a further discussion of the Screwmentation technique, please see Dental Implant Prosthetics: Achieving Retrievability and Reducing Treatment Complications By Using a Modified Installation Technique, Emil L. A. Svoboda, PhD, DDS.