Failed All-On-X...No Dental Team Involved

I received this case about 3-4 months ago as she was having...... well she was having a lot of problems. Without going into the details because the pictures tell the story she was treated by a single provider who opted to wear the hat of both surgeon and restorative doc. As a periodontist, I have been to multiple hands-on restorative training courses, probably more than most restorative docs that actually treat these cases, but I limit my involvement to that of the surgical member of the team. I just think that problems like this can be prevented if we all stay in our own lanes and practice a Team approach. As one who has been involved in many of these cases I am convinced that this treatment concept is best done with a 3 member team of Surgeon, Lab, Restorative doc, and for best results at least 2 members of the team need to know what they are doing!! In this case, clearly, both arches failed and I am showing only the upper along with the fractured implant removed from the #10 area.