Case Planning prior to Implant Placement

I recently posted a case of a failed All-on-X and it appears that it was taken out of context and offended some. The attached photos are of a case I am currently working up with a restorative doc and a lab technician. As part of my evaluation, I always do a face bow transfer and mount on an articulator (not always a pretty mounting but mounted). This allows me, as the surgical member of the team with a fair amount of restorative training, to evaluate the patient vertical and begin the conversation with the team about how to go about creating the necessary space. Yes, I do CBCT and everything else but to me, this is the critical step and I have seen enough problematic cases with concave intaglio on the prosthesis which is clear evidence of inadequate space. My intent when I posted the last case was to stimulate a conversation about treatment planning but apparently, my wording, or perhaps that I identified as a periodontist, was offensive so here is possibly a better way to stimulate such a conversation.