One lesion versus one implant: best course of action?


Hello. To start off with, I am a patient. I understand that this website is for clinicians only, but I am desperate for some information. I have been reading OsseoNews for a while now as I find it very interesting as Im in the process of getting implants . Anyway my upper jaw is almost completely edentulous, the front being in the worst shape as I don't have anything from first premolar on right to second premolar on the left. The front teeth were under a bridge for around 10 years and things fell apart under it in those 10 years with almost each having cysts / lesions? Everything healed after extractions except a lesion above left lateral incisor pictured on the pan. The lesion wasn't cleaned before implant placement in the position of the central incisor . And now it seems it flared up. Dentist says there is some shading on that side of the implant centrally * obviously on the side where the chronic lesion is located. So two weeks after placement the spot above 2 kinda flared up , no major pain, just very very slight discomfort with tenderness on harder touch. The major point of tenderness is a bit further from the implant more to the incisor side, but still I feel something closer to the implant position. I have seen some cases on here where the implant was placed directly into a lesion so I'm hopeful that this will be salvageable and not require extraction of the implant. But I'm not eager to return to the dentist in question . So what I'm trying to achieve with this post , is that I guess I need some guidelines as to what is the correct course of action and some hope that things will go well as this has been one of the most stressful things I have gone through ,and happiness after placement is now shattered into despair again...Im more than interested in the technical side of things ,with respect to every one of you i think. I have a good grasp of the various situations happening in this particular branch of dentistry and I think all of you are doing Gods work! I have attached pans before placement and xray of placed implant in question ! I understand the post is all over the place excuse my rambling ,if any more info is needed I will provide promptly!