About Dr. Benjamin Baptist

Benjamin Baptist
I graduated from Southern Illinois University Carbondale Summa Cum Laude where I studied Biology and Chemistry. I held a two-year research assistantship with the department head of Chemistry and Biochemistry investigating materials to advance chemotherapy and nerve growth/re-attachment. I continued my education at the University of Illinois, College of Dentistry, graduating in the top of my class. At University of llinois my clinical training integrated all forms of dentistry including pediatrics, advanced restorative procedures and dental implant therapy. I was a teaching assistant for both the Pediatric Dentistry Course and the Implant Dentistry Course. I continue to be involved with Dental Education, having taught at the University of Illinois as a clinical instructor before moving over to Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine as a clinical instructor. 
Learn more about Benjamin Baptist at: http://www.baptistfamilydental.com/

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