About Dr. Vladi Dvoyris

Vladi Dvoyris
Dr. Vladi Dvoyris is an Israeli dentist, a graduate of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He spent the first years of his career in the IDF Medical Corps, and during that time pursued an MBA, specializing in the management of knowledge-based firms, at the Israel Institute of Technology (“Technion”). He has served as a consultant and speaker for several Israeli and international medical and dental companies, including Dentsply Sirona and GSK, among others. Aside of his clinical practice, Dr. Dvoyris is the academic director of a licensing course for immigrant dentists operated by the Jewish Agency, and the Chief Marketing Officer of ABraCadabra Implants – an Israeli company focusing on innovative restorative systems over implants.
Learn more about Vladi Dvoyris at: http://www.abcimp.com/

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