Best Fabrication Techniques for Implant-Supported Partial Prostheses?

There are three basic fabrication methods for Implant-Supported Partial Prostheses: one-piece casting, framework cemented on prepared abutments, and laser welding. Which of these is preferred? A recent study 1, evaluated the vertical misfit of implant-supported frameworks made using these different techniques to obtain passive fit.

The study concluded:

The one-piece casted frameworks presented significantly higher vertical misfit values than those found for framework cemented on prepared abutments and laser welding techniques (P < .001 and P < .003, respectively). Laser welding and framework cemented on prepared abutments are effective techniques to improve the adaptation of three-unit implant-supported prostheses. These techniques presented similar fit.1

What has been your experience with these different techniques and which one do you prefer?

Read the Full Abstract Here

1. Int J Prosthodont. 2016 Jul-Aug;29(4):351-3 Fit Analysis of Different Framework Fabrication Techniques for Implant-Supported Partial Prostheses..Spazzin AO, et al.

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One thought on “Best Fabrication Techniques for Implant-Supported Partial Prostheses?

  1. Today I would have to say that Amann Girrbach makes this wonderful Ceramill Sintron CoCr sinter metal, that is pure genius, and gives you a spectacular result. The digital management of the framework ensures quality and passive fit so I would say this is my method of choice today.
    But if you are going all the way and money is no object …. a fully milled titanium framework and bar would be a perfect indication, just need to have either an intra oral scanner or a lab scanner that gives you an open source stl file and the software and the machines and the lab tech and everything else… so is expensive but dare i say orgasmic to play with.

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