Discussions related to abutments for dental implants.

Abutment Level Impressions vs. Implant Level Impressions?

I plan to make final impressions at the abutment level and then insert the permanent bridges. In the past I made implant level impressions and then inserted the permanent abutments and bridges at the same time. Anything wrong with making abutment level impressions like I am planning?

Abutment Not Fully Seated: Leave as Is or Drill it Out?

I hand-tightened the abutment screw and then I torque it down to 35Ncm. I realized then that I had made 2 errors. A radiograph demonstrated that the abutment was not fully seated when I torque it to 35Ncm. Also I realized that I was only supposed to torque it to 20 Ncm.

Reuse an Abutment?

I had to remove a crown cemented with zinc phosphate cement because it became loose. The crown was destroyed because I had to cut it off. The abutment was still stuck to the crown, as well as, the stabilizing screw.

Broken Abutment Screw on Implant?

I have a patient with a broken abutment screw. The dental implant has an internal hex configuration and it is difficult to even visualize the broken screw head.

Torquing Produces Pain?

The surgeon placed a dental implant in #8 position and the surgery and healing were uneventful. When I went to torque down the abutment, the patient felt a sharp pain.