Cone Beam CT Imaging

Discussions relating to Cone Beam CT and dental implants.

GALILEOS Comfort Plus

Its ease of use, wide range of functionality and HD imaging capabilities make the Sirona GALILEOS Comfort Plus perfect for your practice.

CBCT Imaging: Discussing the Field of View Concept

Field of view refers to the area of the anatomy that is captured by the CBCT scan. Most practitioners placing dental implants are interested in acquiring data from the maxilla and mandible. The standard fields of view can be used to capture the temporomandibular joint complex, the paranasal sinuses, as well as the maxilla and mandible…

Interpreting the Dimensions from a CBVT Scan?

I am just starting out in reading a cone beam volumetric scan to place my own dental implants. I recognize the anatomical structures. What I am having difficulty with is interpreting the dimensions.

Lasers Role in Implant Dentistry: An Exclusive Interview

If we compare the use of lasers to the traditional surgical approach, lasers clearly are the better choice. Using a laser to perform implant surgery enables us to prepare the implant site with minimal trauma to the hard and soft tissue.

3-D Dental Imaging for Implants: Part I

The 1st International Congress on 3-Dimensional Dental Imaging was held in New York City last week. Didn’t have time to attend? Not to worry, what follows is Part I or our three part summary of this important event for implant dentistry…

Using Panoramic Radiographs: Should I Switch to CT Scans?

I have been using panoramic radiographs to plan dental implant placement. I have the patient wear an occlusion rim with 5mm diameter steel balls to gauge bone dimensions. This has worked well for me for the last ten years. I place and restore dental implants.

iCat Scan for Pregnant Women?

Is anyone able advise as to any risks or suitability of the iCat Cone Beam scan for pregnant women? How safe is the radiation dose?

iCat Acquired

Last week, Imaging Sciences International, Inc., the manufacturer of the iCat Cone Beam 3-D dental imaging system, announced that it has been acquired by Danaher Corporation. How does this effect the overal market for Cone Beam CT? Will we see the technology gain larger adoption now in dental implantology?

Cone Beam vs. Traditional CT Scans

Due to the advent of dental CBVT technologies, the bar has been raised in the field of dental implantology. This is one of those times when dentistry is going to have to take one giant step forward and embrace a new technology that may intimidate those unfamiliar with it or haven’t tried enough to appreciate its benefits.