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When Should I Plan for Indirect Ceramic Restorations?

My understanding is that the rule of thumb is that if the cavity preparation at the isthmus is greater than one third the distance between the buccal and lingual cusps then I should plan for an indirect ceramic restorations.

Charging Out Inlays as Onlays?

I only charge for an onlay if I shoe at least one entire cusp. She told me that all I have to do is cover part of one cusp and then the inlay restoration is considered an onlay.

Future of Amalgam Restorations?

I would like to go amalgam-free. How do I accomplish this? In my area, all the GP’s still do amalgam restorations. Is it legal for me to advertise that I am an amalgam-free dental practice?

Making Ceramic Crowns for Maxillary Central Incisors?

I recently had a difficult time making ceramic crowns for the maxillary central incisors in one of my patients. I know the party line is to only accept these cases if the patient agrees to multiple veneers or ceramic crowns, but with the economy on the way down, it is getting more difficult to get patients to accept the more costly treatment plans.

Cerec 3 : How Accurate Is It?

How accurate is the new Cerec 3? I tried the Cerec 1 and 2 and found that margins were not sealed at the proximal box floor level. These gaps concerned me.

CAD/CAM Restorations: Is It Really That Simple?

I just took a course sponsored by my dental lab on CAD/CAM restorations. The course was very instructive and being an older practitioner I was surprised at how advanced we are now in some areas of dentistry.

Stained Veneers: How Do I Prevent This?

The problem is that on all of these veneers, the gingival margin is stained dark. It actually looks like someone took a dark pencil and drew a dark line across the cervical. How do I prevent this from happening when I remake these veneers?

Teeth Bleaching: Patient Wants Refund?

I had a very irate patient call me yesterday to complain that I charged her $700 for an in-office tooth bleaching when she could just have easily gone to the local drugstore and bought a bleaching kit for $40 and done the bleaching herself.