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Difficulty Seating Overdenture with Locator

For the first 6 months the Locators worked fine. Because the abutments were not exactly parallel, I used the Green Locator attachments for retention. After 6 months when I attempted to use the Blue Locator male attachments to increase retention…

Locator Attachments Losing Retention

I use Locator attachments (Zest Anchors) for implant-retained overdentures. I am seeing the nitrite coating on the metal Locator component wearing off in normal use.

Retrofitting 4 Locator Attachments to a Mandibular Full Denture

I am retrofitting 4 Locator attachments to a mandibular full denture to convert it into an overdenture. The problem I have is that the mandibular denture has a relatively narrow Bucco-Lingual width around the mandibular anterior area – right where I want to retrofit the attachments.

Dental Implant Overdenture

Everyone understands how wonderful a treatment for our denture patients implants are.
What is the feeling about connecting 2 implants with a bar or having them independent with an attachment, ball, ERA, or Zeiss Locator?