Dental Implant Materials

Discussions on various materials used in implant dentistry.

Using Triad to Create a Verification Jig?

I was thinking that it would be a good idea to connect all the impression copings with Triad material (gel) before taking the impression, thus creating a verification jig?

Dental Implant Neck Surface Topography

I would like to know what other clinicians using dental implants with the different kinds of neck topographies have observed. Do you see a significantly greater loss of bone with necks with other kinds of surface topographies?

AlloDerm and Dental Implants

Are there any indications for using AlloDerm (Lifecell) around dental implants? If so, what is the preferred technique for placing the Alloderm?

Cement Vs. Screw Retention

Should I use cement or screw retention? Is the prevailing opinion in the restoration of dental implants moving in the direction of cement retention? If so, why?

New Barrier Membrane Introduced

An improved Epi-Guide(tm) Barrier membrane is being introduced by Curasan, recognized innovators in osseoregeneration products, to meet clinician requests for a more malleable, less rigid […]

Alloy Implants

Dr. Charlton asks:I am concerned about placing pure titanium dental implants.  The alloy implants appear to be stronger. 

Dental Implants and Abutment Screws

here seems to be some controversy over torquing down the abutment screw when placing dental implants. Most of the dental implant crowns and bridges that I do involve torquing down the abutment and then cementing the crown or bridge.

Passive Fit

One of the most challenging areas in implant dentistry is to achieve passive insertion of a screw-retained metal framework for a bar-retained overdenture or a fixed partial denture.