Clinical Questions

Welcome to the dental implants Q&A section. Here you can find answers to real-life clinical questions faced in the day-to-day practice of implant dentistry.

Gingival Hyperplasia with Hybrid bridges: comments?

Hybrid bridges have presented some problems over the years with gingival hyperplasia due to excessive pressure from the gingival surface of the bridge. The tissue swells up and upon removing the bridge one can see the imprint of the bridge with hyper plastic tissue in some areas on the perimeter.

Overerupted opposing teeth: recommendations?

I have a 50 year old female patient whose LL6 and 7 have been missing for some years.  She has requested implants to replace these missing teeth.  UL6 has over-erupted to the extent that there is reduced inter-arch space.

Marketing Implant Dentistry?

I have taken, and continue to take many courses in implant dentistry and really enjoy this part of my practice. I am wondering if some of you could weigh in on how to build the implant part of my practice up even more.

Bone Binders for bone augmentation?

Do you know of any bone binders used in oral bone augmentation procedures that would not interfere with osteogenesis, resorb parallel with bone graft material and be biologically inert?

Technique to remove and repair a crown: thoughts?

I like the convenience of cement-retained implant crowns and bridges and have not had many problems with excess cement. But, on those occasions where I have to remove and repair a crown, it can be problematic.

Surgicel vs Actcel?

I have used Surgicel and found it to be very effective, but it is obviously significantly more expensive compared to Actcel.