Immediate Loading

Discussions related to the concept of Immediate Loading in implant dentistry.

Buccal Bone Loss on Immediate Implant: Recommendations?

I extracted the maxillary right canine and central incisor and placed 2 immediate dental implants. The lateral incisor was already missing…I decided to do stage-2 today uncover on the spot and I laid a flap to discover that the implant in the canine position is completely dehisced on the buccal…

Peri-Implantitis : Any Solutions?

This is the first case I have done where I placed the dental implant on the day I extracted the tooth. This was in #14 area (Maxillary Left First Molar).

Immediate Loading Imperiled?

Does the recent negative study of Nobel Biocare’s Teeth-In-Hour dental implant protocol merely reflect on Nobel or does this study call into question the reliability of Immediate Loading methods in general?

Perspectives on Implant Dentistry

In this exclusive interview, Michael Sonick, DDS, Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology, shares his views on Implant Education, Immediate Extraction, Implant Complications, and much more. This is Part I of a two-part interview.

Immediate vs. Delayed Loading?

The bottom line here is that after 2-years in the posterior mandible, there was basically no difference between the dental implants which had a 3-month osseointegration followed by restoration versus immediate loading of the dental implants!

Total Graft Failure and Teeth in Day

However, recent CAT Scan shows total failure of the graft in the rear and success in the front. The doctor wants to place dental implants in the front and use a fixed denture.

Dental Implants and Buyers Remorse

No matter how carefully we discuss the dental implant procedure with a patient, sometimes a patient has “buyers remorse” after the surgery.