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MK III Implant: When is the Best Time to Place the Final Abutment?

My periodontist has told me that he is going to extract the tooth, place a bone and soft tissue graft, place a Nobel Biocare MK III implant, and bond the crown of the central incisor to the adjacent central incisor and lateral incisor while the implant fixture osseointegrates.

Nobel’s Fastest-Growing Markets

Nobel Biocare Holding AG said sales are growing much stronger than 20 percent in India and China, helping make Asia the company’s fastest-growing region.

All Zirconium Dental Implants: Opinions?

What do the dentists here think of these new all zirconium implants? Do you think they will osseointegrate as well as titanium, and perform as well as the titanium dental implants?

NobelGuide Problems?

NobelGuide has been indispensable when I am planning to place implant, multiple or single unit. However, the problems that I have found over the year plus of use are many.

Immediate Loading Imperiled?

Does the recent negative study of Nobel Biocare’s Teeth-In-Hour dental implant protocol merely reflect on Nobel or does this study call into question the reliability of Immediate Loading methods in general?

Swedish Medical Body Requests More Information from Nobel Biocare

The NobelDirect and NobelPerfect saga continues. Yesterday, The Medical Products Agency said it has asked for additional information from Nobel Biocare AG on its dental implant products NobelDirect and NobelPerfect, reiterating that the group may not actively market the products before the Swedish medical watchdog approves.

Easy Abutment

I am considering the use of the Nobel Biocare Easy Abutments for the restoration of an edentulous maxilla. Has anybody attempted this kind of restoration and what complications did you encounter?

Noble Tapered Groovy Issues

I started placing dental implants this past year using Noble Tapered Groovy and have run into issues placing them in my last two cases.


Can Nobel Biocare finally smile again? Last week Sweden’s Medical Products Agency (MPA) gave Nobel the green light to continue selling its NobelDirect and NobelPerfect […]

ZiUnite ?

Have any of you heard of ZiUnite dental implants that Nobel Biocare is producing?

All On 4 Technique

I am trying to form my opinion on the ‘All On Four’ concept by Nobel Biocare. However, it is very difficult to find good data on the subject.

HA Coated Dental Implants

Dr. Nimchuk asks: HA coatings on dental implants have been shown to accelerate surface bone apposition, thereby shortening the waiting period for dental implant restoration.

NobelDirect On Hold?

Any thoughts on Nobel´s recently announced decision to put promotional material for NobelDirect on hold for 60 days?

Nobel Responds to Dental Implant Critics

Interestingly, the Nobel Direct dental implant accounted for only 2 percent of Nobel´s sales, so the economic impact to Nobel should be limited. However, the key question is whether there will be any impact from this on the marketability of other Nobel dental implant product lines. What are your thoughts?