Sinus Lifts

Discussions related to Sinus Lifts during dental implant surgery.

Sinus Lift in Two Stages?

Can I do the sinus lift in 2-stages? Can I lift the sinus and graft 2-3mm of bone, wait for that graft to heal and then graft again at the time of implant placement?

Mixing Metronidazole Solution in Grafting Material?

I attended an excellent lecture where the speaker described how he customarily mixes Metronidazole 0.5% solution in grafting material when he does sinus lifts. I was wondering if this is a widespread practice in the rest of the dental implant community?

Eliminating Bilateral Sinus Lifts?

I have always been taught that when treatment planning for a fixed-detachable implant supported prosthesis for an edentulous maxilla, 8 dental implants are the norm.

Sinus Lift with Balloon?

I would like to do a sinus lift procedure and have heard about the balloon technique where that is used to raised the membrane and create space for a bone graft.

Torn Schneiderian Membrane

Several months ago I had a Sinus Lift and Bio-Oss was used. The dentist told me that he had torn the Schneiderian Membrane during the procedure.

Sinus Lift or No Lift?

Some of my colleagues think that a crestal sinus lift should be preformed first. Some of my other colleagues (including myself) prefer the stabilisation of a dental implant in the sinus floor in spite of possible laceration of Schneiderian membrane.