Surgical Guides for Implant Placement

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Materialise Sues Nobel Biocare in the US

Materialise, manufacturer of 3D implant planning systems for accurate and predictable treatment planning of dental implants, launched a U.S. patent infringement lawsuit in the Central District of California against Nobel Biocare.

Lasers Role in Implant Dentistry: An Exclusive Interview

If we compare the use of lasers to the traditional surgical approach, lasers clearly are the better choice. Using a laser to perform implant surgery enables us to prepare the implant site with minimal trauma to the hard and soft tissue.

NobelGuide Problems?

NobelGuide has been indispensable when I am planning to place implant, multiple or single unit. However, the problems that I have found over the year plus of use are many.

Surgical Stents for Implant Placement

I have begun to make surgical stents for my surgeon to guide the placement of dental implants in the maxillary aesthetic zone. There is some controversy over where to place a dental implant for a maxillary central incisor and what inclination to use.

Materialise Sues Nobel Biocare

Any thoughts on the recently filed lawsuit by Materialise against Nobel? Materialise claims that the NobelGuide system infringes on a patent granted to Materialise back in the 90´s, a patent which formed the basis of Materialise´s dental drill guide system, SurgiGuide, introduced back in 1999.

Coordinating Dental Implant Treatment Planning

Dentists need to know and be able to communicate as well as anticipate end results, what and how many procedures are necessary to achieve them, the approximate time involved and, last but not least risks and ramifications.