Hands-On Implant and Grafting Course


During our 5-day course, each participant is guaranteed to place a minimum of 30 implants as the main surgeon. Each doctor will also assist their group member with 30+ implants and additional surgeries. Our live patient implant seminars will give you the confidence you need to start placing implants in your own office. Our Advanced levels will give you the opportunity to perform sinus elevations, mono blocks, ridge splits, learn advanced grafting techniques and management of complications.

Trinon Collegium Practicum has been educating dentists for over 12 years. With more than 130 Q-Implant Marathons organized, our international team of surgeons has trained more than 2,500 dentists who have placed 75,000 implants.

We truly believe that proper dental implant training with real hands-on, live surgical sessions will provide each of our participants with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the field of Implantology.

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Q-Implant Marathon Details

Working in teams of 2 to 3 participants, the courses include 50+ hours of practical surgery aiming at intensifying theoretical knowledge and gaining practical experience in implantology. TCP is an AGD approved PACE provider and each participant is awarded 60CE hours.

There are 3 skill levels being offered by Trinon Collegium Practicum. The prerequisite requirements are below. The course scientific director, Dr. Alfredo Valencia, will determine all final assignments.



  • Basic knowledge of oral surgery (practical dental implantology experience is not required)
  • Basic theoretical knowledge of dental implantology

Course Curriculum:

Participants will gain basic practical experience in implantology by placing a minimum of 30 implants as the main surgeon under supervision of the instructor. Furthermore, participants will participate in approximately 60 operations by assisting other colleagues in the group. Participants will gain an introductory understanding on bone augmentation and reconstruction.



  • Basic surgical knowledge
  • Practical experience with a minimum placement of 50 implants
  • Minimum of 1 year of oral surgery experience or completion of beginner-level Q-Implant Marathon course

Course Curriculum:

Participants will expand practical experience by learning different implantation techniques and practice insertion in difficult cases. Participants will perform the following operations:

  • – Sinus elevations as the main surgeon and assistant
  • – Advanced bone augmentation
  • – Management of complications



  • Practical experience with a minimum placement of 200 implants
  • Minimum of 2 years of oral surgery experience or completion of Advanced-I level Q-Implant Marathon course

Course Curriculum:

Participants will expand on their practical experience by working on extreme implantological cases. Partici-pants will also engage in complicated sinus lift operations with autologous bone, developing techniques involving the harvesting of extraoral bone, and the application of titanium mesh and plastic onlay grafting.

Featured Faculty

Dr. Alfredo Valencia
Physician (MC) University of Oviedo, 1972-1978
Training as resident in plastic surgery Macarena Hospital of Sevilla, 1978-1984
Resident Training in Oral & Maxillofacial surgery Asturias University Central Hospital, 1980-1984
Specialist in Stomatology University of Asturias Dental School, 1981| Specialist in Oral & Maxillofacial surgery, 1984|MD in Implantology Granada University, 1984|Professor Oral & Maxillofacial surgery Granada Dental school, 1984-1987| Maxillofacial & Oral surgeon University Hospital Granada, 1984-2007 | Director of the "Dr. Valencia Titanium Clinic" for implantology and Oral & Maxillofacial surgery |Member of the European Board of Maxillofacial Surgery Zurich, since 1996

92 thoughts on “Hands-On Implant and Grafting Course

    • Agata says:

      Depending on which location you want to go to:
      Santo Domingo is $13,950. (everything included – with flight form Miami or Atlanta)
      Laos & Cambodia are $11,950 (everything included – with flight from Los Angeles)

  1. dr m s ray says:

    what is the exact fees for advance 1 course and what does it include, like does it include airfare and accomodation and local transport.

    • Agata says:

      The fees for all the course levels are the same. $13,950 for Santo Domingo and $11,950 for Laos and Cambodia.
      Our current special if you register and pay in full by March 1st, we will include your flight.
      The course price always include:
      all include hotel for 7 nights,
      daily transportation to and from clinic,
      Trinon Titanium Implant package (about 13 implants plus instruments)

      • Dr. Jay Vanolli says:

        Agata, a prerequsite for these courses should most definately be: “Ability to read the price and lack of airfare in said price as listed at the top of the page”. Just a thought…

  2. Rita Ferreira says:

    Me and my husband are interested in the beginners course in Laos. can you include a double room in the same price? the flights are not included right? And we would like to now if we’re going to learn the prosthetic part in all kinds of surgery like screwed and cimented. and who are the instructors?
    thank you

    • Agata says:

      The main tutor of the course is Dr. Dr. Matthias Peuten. The medical team of Phnom Penh University Clinic: Prof. Suon Phany, Prof. Tuy Thel, Dr. Vorn Vutha, Dr. Seng Rosamith. Q-Implant Marathon is a practical implantology course, you will be introduced to prosthesis, however the course concentrates more on implants.
      As part of the special we do cover your from from LA, however if you want to purchase your own ticket we will give you a $1200 credit for your flight. (Offer is only valid if registration and full payment is received by March 1st, 2012).
      Please contact us directly (info@optimumsolutiongroup.com or 630-705-1002 to discuss the room options)

  3. John Masser says:

    Hello, I’m interested in taking the beginner course. This may be a silly question but if I take the course in Dominican Republic will the training be in english? Thanks.

  4. B.T. TRAN says:

    This is the best hands on beginner course for placing implants ever!!!! Placing 30 implants in five days with live patients will give anyone the confidence and knowledge to start implant dentistry in his office.

  5. abdelrahman tawfik says:

    hello i am interested in beginner course but i would like to ask about prosthetic part do we will finish cases or not?

  6. Abdelrahman tawfik says:

    I would like to ask u some questions
    Do i will place implants in different cases like anterior and posterior dense bone u know different situation
    Second do i will prepare cases before implant placing like tracing radiograph identify length diameter by myself not just drilling?

  7. B.T. TRAN says:

    You will have a chance to place implants in all locations of the mouth. You can prepare the case with the instructors before you “drill”. The instructors are very knowledgeable, they will help you out. How much you can learn from the course, depends on how much you know about implants.

  8. Dr Gavin Steinberg says:

    I am interested in course in Cambodia ,I have placed about 60 implants so far ,and am interested in placements with augmentation and sinus lifts,mainly crestall but possibly lat approach ,am also interested in piessosurgery ,would like to know which course is best for me ,probably advanced 1 ,I live in Perth ,Western Australia ,and would like an idea of costing with airfares cheers Gavin

  9. Lukasz Pienkowski says:

    Hi Gavin,

    looking at your comment it looks that the Advance I course is the right one for you and you would be learning various augmentation techniques during the course. Some of our recent Advanced I participants also used piezosurgery within their cases and I will be happy to get you in touch with them.

    I organize the courses in Asia from Singapore and you are welcome to drop me a mail for further information on costing, flights and other aspects of the course. Lukasz[at]collegium-practicum.org



    • Agata says:

      Yes, there are still a few spots open.
      We recently a summer course (Jun 25-29 in Cambodia) in addition to the already schedualed 2012 courses.
      Please send us an email for more information.

  10. semi condoianis says:

    I did not know what to expect but this course was above any expectations. The class is all about surgery and while it’s true that you do place 30 implants you also gain a lot more first hand experience by watching at least another 60 implants being placed. I loved the location as well people were friendly and warm, and the instructors were extremely skilled.
    At the end of the course we gained tremendous knowledge and many new friends. I reccomend this class to anyone interested

  11. Agata says:

    Unfortunately, the flight in not included from UAE. The flight is included to Santo Domingo from Madrid. However to let you know, due to high interest, we organized an extra course in Cambodia in June(23-30)2012


    Hello.I’m interested for the beginner course probably for 2013.Is the flight ticket included in the price from Greece?What exactly is included in the price except from the clinical practice and the implants gift?Thank in advance
    Dr. Deiktakis Nikolaos

  13. Dr w says:

    Hi i am a dentist from australia

    I am quite interested in one of the basic courses in november.

    Would i be able to attend to one of these courses? If i am eligible would you be able to forward some infomation in regard to the course and the costs??


  14. Odns says:

    I had 2 questions:
    1-will the course give me any CONTINUING EDUCATION HOURS in the USA,
    2-is it safe that my wife can come with me and stay by herself during the course?

    • Dominika says:

      You will receive 40 CE hours after completion of the course.
      The area is safe and your wife can come and stay with you at the resort, but please know that you will not have much time to spend with her Monday-Friday. For more information please contact me at courses[at]optimumsolutiongroup.com

  15. Lukasz Pienkowski says:

    Hi Mills,

    at this moment we are not directly giving CPD points in AU, though I know that in some countries the documentation that you create during the course and official certificates by the University we work with make them eligible.

    Ideallly you check with your association but in addition to the documentation the practical experience one gains is vast and beneficial for novices and advanced suregeons alike.

    Do let me know if you have further questions, I am quite happy to answer



  16. TruongXoa says:

    I’m from Vietnam. I am very interested in your courses in Laos and Cambodia in November and October, 2012. I just have one question: Do you have any certificate or degree after the course and who is the certificate conffered by?
    Kind regards,
    Truong Xoa

  17. hoang says:

    Just a question, all these implants placing will be restored later on.
    Is it possible if we can put a few master technicians together and also have lecturing and training hand-on the previous implants have been placed?

  18. Alpa says:

    I am interested in Nov 26th beginner course. I live in Arizona. I would like to see if the there is a spot available for this course. I would also like to know if airfare will be covered from my current location.
    Thanks in advance!

    • Dominika says:

      We just received course dates for our 2013 Cambodia courses.
      They will be as follows:

      Feb 18-22
      Feb 25- Mar 1
      Aug 26-30
      Nov 04-08

      If you would like to register please contact us.

  19. Agnieszka says:

    Hello, I’m very interested in your course and was wondering if we can bring our patients with us and do the implants on them as well. And one more question pertaining to the flights…do we book our own?

    • Dominika says:

      Hello Agnieszka,

      Please contact me directly at courses[at]optimumsolutiongroup.com so that I can answer all of your questions.


  20. dominic wenzell says:

    please email me info for your Cambodia course. I would like to attend the Feb 25th course if there are spots available
    Dr. Wenzell

  21. violet says:

    hi i am interested in your beginner course also i like to know the difference between Dominican republic and Cambodia courses
    thank you

    • Dominika says:

      Hello Violet,

      Please contact me at courses[at]optimumsolutiongroup.com or give us a call at (877) 705-1002 for more information about our hands-on courses.

  22. rohin says:

    hi , Im a general dentist from india… i am interested in the beginners course … can I get details regarding the topics covered and the cost of the course… also does the course include the prosthetic loading part of the implants… what is the closest place from india for the course ?

    • Dominika says:


      Thanks for taking an interest in our courses! Please contact me at courses[at]optimumsolutiongroup.com so that I can answer all of your questions.


  23. rimel says:

    hi there , i am interested in doing the advance 1 course, in dominican, so can you please give me a contact detail, and a name so i can ask some questions and get the information i need , i have tried to email directly to trinon, twice but no reply,

    many thanks

    • Dominika says:


      I am sorry about that, please contact me at courses[at]optimumsolutiongroup.com or dz[at]implantologycourses.com so that I can answer all of your questions.

      Thank You

    • Dominika says:

      Yes the price for Cambodia/Laos and Dominican Rep is $13,950. The reason for the increase is that participants now place the same amount of implants at all locations. The implants increased from 22 to 30.
      If you have any other questions please contact me directly at courses[at]optimumsolutiongroup.com

  24. Joe Fanti says:

    Do you have openings for the May 6-10 course in The Dominican Republic? Is airfare included from Atlanta? What are the daily hours?

    Thank you for your help.

    Create a great day!
    Joe Fanti

    • Dominika says:

      Dr. Fanti,

      We do have a couple spots available for our May session in Santo Domingo. Please contact me at courses[at]optimumsolutiongroup.com or give me a call at 877-705-1002 so that I can provide you with more information and reserve your spot.
      Hope to hear from you soon!

  25. jay says:

    hi there,
    i am a dentist from Australia. do you offer the course to international dentists or do you to have to have a license in USA.


    • Dominika says:

      Hi Jay,

      Our courses are offered to domestic and international dentists.
      Since you are from Australia you should contact our Singapore office.


  26. Emmanuel says:

    Hi there
    I am very intetrested in this course, and would like more information.

    I work in Australia, and am wondering if flights are included in the deal, and also if I could ask if the courses for early 2014 is out yet. If it is not, I might have to go with the dates above but would like to consider options first.

    Thank you.

  27. Rob says:

    I’m a dentist from Australia. Intereted in Q Implant Marathon beginners course in Cambodia. Does the use of cone beam x-ray & CEREC feature in this course? What are the travel details included for participants from Australia? Do you have a email contact as there will probably be more questions?

  28. Alex Wakter says:

    I’m interested in extracting failing teeth and placing immediate implants same day. Will this be possible in Dominican Republic?

    • Dominika says:


      Yes 45CE hours are awarded through AGD and are acceptable everywhere in the US. The fee does not include airfare but does include a 7 night stay at the resort. Our last course of the year is December 2-6 and we still have a couple available spots if you would like to reserve yours. Please e-mail me at courses@optimumsolutiongroup.com or call 877-705-1002 for further information.

  29. JoAnne says:

    When will your 2015 dates be available in the DR please? I am interested in your Advanced level 1 training. I would like to learn how to do lateral sinus lifts. How is your training superior to the LIve implant Training group located in San Pedro de Macoris?
    Thank you

  30. Joe says:

    Hello, I am from Australia. I am interested in the beginner course in Cambodia/Laos in 2015. I was just wondering if you know when will the dates come out for those two locations for 2015

    Thank you.

  31. Lukasz Pienkowski says:

    Hi Joe, the dates will be published within the next few days. however you can write in to us directly in Australia as we have a representative office in Melbourne. Contact is Grant Pitts: grantp[at]trinon.com.au
    Best Wishes,

  32. Ali Baker says:

    Hi there,
    I’m from New Zealand.
    which country (course location) would be the best for me. Is the flight included.
    which implant system are we gonna be using in the course.

    Thank you.

  33. Dominika says:

    Hello Dr. Baker,

    The best course location for you would be either Cambodia or Laos. You can find out all of the course details and receive answers to your questions by reaching out to Lukasz at Lukasz[at]4t-technologies.sg or simply filling out a contact request form on our website http://www.implantologycourses.com.

  34. Nidhi says:

    Hi ,

    I m practicing in Australia and interested in Beginners course! Can you please suggest ideal location and which system will be used?
    Do you have any course for prosthetic part as well.Will immediate implant placement be included as well!
    Kind Regards

  35. Dominika says:

    Hi Nidhi,

    The best course location for you would be either Cambodia or Laos. You can find out all of the course details and receive answers to your questions by reaching out to Lukasz at Lukasz[at]4t-technologies.sg or simply filling out a contact request form on our website http://www.implantologycourses.com.

  36. Tania Freire says:

    Are the CE credits accepted by the GDC in the UK? Are your courses meeting the criteria established by the GDC in England for education in implantology? Many thanks.

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