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Q Implant Marathon

The Q Implant Marathon includes 50+ hours of practical dental implant surgery aiming at intensifying theoretical knowledge and gaining practical experience.

When: March 6 - 10, 2017 | June 12 - 16, 2017 | September 11 - 15, 2017 | December 4 - 8, 2017 | 

Where:  Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic + Google Map

CE: 60 CE hours. TCP is an AGD approved PACE provider.

Cost: $13,950

More Information and Registration: www.implantologycourses.com

Working in teams of 2 to 3 participants, the Q Implant Marathon include 50+ hours of practical surgery aiming at intensifying theoretical knowledge and gaining practical experience in implantology. TCP is an AGD approved PACE provider and each participant is awarded 60 CE hours.

There are 3 skill levels being offered by Trinon Collegium Practicum. The prerequisite requirements are below. The course scientific director, Dr. Alfredo Valencia, will determine all final assignments.

Beginner Level: 30 Implants as Main Surgeon

Basic knowledge of oral surgery (practical dental implantology experience is not required)
Basic theoretical knowledge of dental implantology

Course Curriculum:
Participants will gain basic practical experience in implantology by placing a minimum of 30 implants as the main surgeon under supervision of the instructor. Furthermore, participants will participate in approximately 60 operations by assisting other colleagues in the group. Participants will gain an introductory understanding on bone augmentation and reconstruction.

Advanced I Level: 5 Sinus Elevations & Advanced Grafting

Basic surgical knowledge
Practical experience with a minimum placement of 50 implants
Minimum of 1 year of oral surgery experience or completion of beginner-level Q-Implant Marathon course

Course Curriculum:
Participants will expand practical experience by learning different implantation techniques and practice insertion in difficult cases. Participants will perform the following operations:
– Sinus elevations as the main surgeon and assistant
– Advanced bone augmentation
– Management of complications

Advanced II Level: Mono Blocks, Titanium Mesh, Onlay Grafting, etc.

Practical experience with a minimum placement of 200 implants
Minimum of 2 years of oral surgery experience or completion of Advanced-I level Q-Implant Marathon course

Course Curriculum:
Participants will expand on their practical experience by working on extreme implantological cases. Partici-pants will also engage in complicated sinus lift operations with autologous bone, developing techniques involving the harvesting of extraoral bone, and the application of titanium mesh and plastic onlay grafting.

General Info:
From Monday to Friday the participants will operate on patients in the teams of 2-3 doctors for approx. 10 hours a day under the supervision 1 teacher per group. Patients will be prepared by the local clinics in advance. In the evening clinical meetings and discussions will be optionally organized, which gives excellent possibility for experience and opinion exchange between participants and teachers.

Upon completion of the course, each participant will receive a certificate from Trinon Collegium Practicum indicating the quantity of implants inserted or main operations performed. Participants will also receive university certificates and AGD verification with CE hours earned.

Tuition: $13,950 Payment Plans and Financing Available

-Guaranteed quantity of implants for Beginner level: 30
-Guaranteed operations for Advanced Levels: 5
-Hotel stay, local transfers, breakfast & lunch
-Implants, prosthetic components, instruments, materials included
-Each participant receives a credit post course to claim a free surgical kit and implants of choice

$1,000 Deposit is required to reserve a spot.

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