Can I place implants posteriorly for implant-supported partial denture?


The patient in this case is 80-years old, but very healthy. the pt just had a new upper complete denture made recently from another dental practice and doesn't want to replace it. Besides, all her lower anterior teeth are splinted with a pfm bridge which she has for 20 years and doesn't want any tx for them. current tx plan: implant-supported mandibular partial denture (lower right second and third molar exos first) With regards to the tx design, my question is if I can place an implant at the first molar site on each side of the mandible to support the denture? If the lower anterior bridge/teeth have any issues in the future, I can still take them out and place a few implants anteriorly to make it all-on-6/4. I only had experience with implant-supported complete dentures before and the implants were apparently placed more anteriorly. Thoughts?