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Internal Conus Implants (ICI) vs External Hex Implants (EXI)?

Last Updated September 12, 2016
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

Of two major implant designs, internal conus design implants (ICI) and external hex design implants (EXI), which one shows a better marginal bone response? This was the primary objective of a recent study that compared the proximal marginal bone changes following placement and loading of internal conus design implants (ICI) and external hex design implants (EXI) used in the treatment of posterior partial edentulism.1

The study concluded:

Modestly greater marginal bone loss occurred at EXI implants. Further, more positive papilla scores were found between adjacent ICI implants than between adjacent EXI implants. EXI implants displayed more abutment complications than the ICI implants. The implant-abutment interface design may contribute to therapeutic outcome differences…1

What has been your experience with these different implant designs?

Read the Full Abstract Here

1. Int J Prosthodont. 2016 Jul-Aug;29(4):351-3 Comparison of Marginal Bone Changes with Internal Conus and External Hexagon Design Implant Systems: A Prospective, Randomized Study. .Cooper LF, Tarnow D, et al.

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