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Minimal buccal crestal bone for implants: suggestions?

Last Updated Mon Jul 19 2021
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

This is a 65 year old male who previously underwent extraction of #18 and #19 with socket preservation bone grafts. Review of implant planning files show minimal crestal bone on the buccal of both implants. I'm planning placement of implants as shown with cover screw and augmenting of buccal crestal bone. Primary closure. Uncover in 4 months and place healing abutments. Any suggestions? Thanks.

ImplantsCase 57 Implants_.jpg
Occlusal LowerCase 57 OcclusalLower_2.jpg
PanoCase 57 Pano
Right Quarter With RestorationsCase 57 4 Right Quarter With Restorations
Right Quarter Without RestorationsCase57 5 Right Quarter Without Restorations_4.jpg
Top With RestorationsCase 57 6 Top With Restorations_7.jpg

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