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Place narrow diameter implants in posterior?

Last Updated Fri Dec 04 2020
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

I would like some help with this case. Astra EV implants planned for lower left. I'm using 3.6mm x 11mm implants due to the space available. Even so, I cannot achieve ideal spacing between implants, but it's close. Can I proceed with the placement since it's pretty close or should I replace the forward implant, or both, with the next size smaller implant which would be a 3.0mm? I am also concerned about the apical positioning of the implant in the 2nd premolar position(to achieve proper emergence profile of the restoration)-will crestal bone be lost around the existing implant distal to it?

Another possible option would be to lose #22 since it has an abscess and then place 2 larger diameter implants and do a bridge. Patient would rather not lose #22(it's planned for endo tx with specialist) and I tend to agree with this.

Any feedback would be much appreciated.

Narrow Diameter 86 1
Narrow Diameter 86 2
Narrow Diameter 86 3
Narrow Diameter 86 4
Narrow Diameter 86 5

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