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Numbness 5 days post implant?

Last Updated Wed Mar 03 2021
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

55 yo female presented for implant placement on tooth #30. Tooth lost over 10 years ago and quality of bone poor, type III. Undersized osteotomy and placed a 5/10 mm fixture and HA. 3 days post op patient developed a lot of pain and swelling. Saw patient for post op and buccal tissue red and swollen. Implant stable with no mobility or discomfort. 5 days post op ....pain in not manageable and patient is stating she has numbness in her chin and lip. I am seeing her today to remove the fixture can't figure out what is going on. Please help.

pre cbctcase55-1.jpg
3 day post op xrayCase 55 2 3 day post op xray
swelling of LR Case 55 3

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