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Confusing Misfit of Crown/Abutment on Osstem Implant?

Last Updated Sun Feb 14 2021
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

I placed an Osstem Ts3 4x10mm implant in 45 area 4 months back. During 2nd stage, after placing a wide healing cap for 7 days, I took open tray impression with a special tray fabricated by the lab. Once the crown came, it just wouldn't fit. I initially thought maybe the crown is tight mesiodistally and reduced the crown mesiodistally but still the crown wasn't even close to snap fitting. So I took a closed tray impression the 2nd time ,took an xray to check fit and asked the lab to pour it. After pouring the lab said that the 2nd model is exactly same as the 1st one. So this time I planned to remove the crown from the abutment and try to place the abutment with a transfer key. The abutment didn't seat correctly.So I removed the key and placed the abutment correctly.After placing it, I have taken an impression of this abutment. The abutment used is hex tibase abutment for screw retained crowns.What confuses me in this case is a few things- 1)If the impression is wrong,how is it possible that the xray shows the coping fully seated and if while picking up the coping the movement happened,how is it possible that both the open and closed tray impressions have exactly the same mistake as both the casts are the same? 2)What do you think is the reason that the crown is not seating on this implant?I have changed the abutment 2 times already .Please check xrays. Impression was taken with putty and light body both times.

X-Ray Case 50 Osstem
xrayCase 50 Osstem 2

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