Posterior Superior Alveolar: Sinus Lift Risk?

While performing direct sinus lift operations, the posterior superior alveolar (PSA) artery is frequently encountered. The purpose of this recent clinical study1 was to investigate various factors that may influence measurements related to PSA.

The study concluded:

The PSA artery tends to be wider in older patients. Distances to the sinus floor or the alveolar crest tend to be shorter in women and in partially and completely edentulous patients. Also, as those distances decrease, the mediolateral width of the sinus increases…The reduced distances from the PSA to the sinus floor and the alveolar crest in edentulous patients potentially increase the risk of injury during maxillary sinus lift. Additionally, when the distance to the sinus floor decreases, the mediolateral dimensions of the sinus at different heights increase, which may complicate the technique and challenge the outcomes.

Are you using CAD/CAM zirconia abutments? What has been your experience?

Read the Full Abstract Here

1. Implant Dent. 2016 Aug;25(4):464-70. Maxillary Sinus Dimensions With Respect to the Posterior Superior Alveolar Artery Decrease With Tooth Loss. Velasco-Torres M.

One thought on “Posterior Superior Alveolar: Sinus Lift Risk?

  1. Peter Fairbairn says:

    Never happened to me , but I have only been doing lateral windows for 18 years … so maybe due the experience …..


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