Bicon Short Dental Implants Review

BICON SHORT® IMPLANTS offer flexibility to dentists in challenging clinical situations. The short lengths allow clinicians to avoid vital structures with confidence, and can eliminate the need for many grafting procedures.

When the Bicon system was first introduced in 1985, its 8.0mm length implants were considered quite short—most other implants were at least 12-14mm and sometimes 18-20mm long! Since then, the natural progression of Bicon’s design philosophy has resulted in 5.0mm, 5.7mm, and 6.0mm SHORT® Implants, all with proven clinical success.

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2 thoughts on “Bicon Short Dental Implants Review

  1. Having had decades of experience with wide topped, long, screw-in, screw-attached implant systems, the Bicon system is simple and pleasant to use in the cases to which it is best. Very forgiving system. No worry about loose or broken abutment screws. No worry about leakage at the abutment/implant junction.

  2. With the technique of the crown integrated with the abutment it is fantastic work. It brings you more confidence that your patient will not call you on the weekends for you to fix his crown .

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