GBR in Labial Plate Bone Fracture


This video case shows guided bone regeneration in a 67 year old female patient who presented with root and post fracture 1 month prior. Following root extraction, graft and membrane were placed. The case also features soft tissue grafting. The graft used in the case was a synthetic graft material composed of 70% HA, and 30% bTCP.

> Cerasorb B-TCP

Synthetic Graft Gold Standard with > 99% phase purity. > 99% Resorption turning over to quality vital bone within 4-12 months.
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Osbone: Optimized Hydroxyapatite Osbone is a pure phase synthetic hydroxyapatite with an open sintering structure resulting in a biocompatible, bioactive and osteocondluctive biomtaterial for use in bone regeneration.
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