GBR in Labial Plate Bone Fracture

This video case shows guided bone regeneration in a 67 year old female patient who presented with root and post fracture 1 month prior. Following root extraction, graft and membrane were placed. The case also features soft tissue grafting. The graft used in the case was a synthetic graft material composed of 70% HA, and 30% bTCP.

Cerasorb B-TCP
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Osbone: Optimized Hydroxyapatite Osbone is a pure phase synthetic hydroxyapatite with an open sintering structure resulting in a biocompatible, bioactive and osteocondluctive biomtaterial for use in bone regeneration.
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One thought on: GBR in Labial Plate Bone Fracture

  1. drgsin says:

    Why prep for the implant while the root was still present instead of extracting first? Other than those cases where the facial portion of root is left in place, Ive never seen this before. Also, why did you not use irrigation with your last osteotomy drills?

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