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Immediate Load with Cantilever

Last Updated September 06, 2018
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

This case involves a patient that lectures frequently in front of other people. The patient held off from treatment for a long time, because after consultations with other dental offices, the patient was informed that immediate implants would not be possible for their specific case. When the patient finally came to the office, #11 and #21 were completely unsalvageable. We explained to the patient that immediate loading, would be extremely difficult in this case, and may not be possible. However, ultimately we decided that we could do an immediate plan using specific treatment protocols, as show in the video. In a previous case, Sinus Lateral Approach followed by Immediate Placement, the implant was shifted a bit. In this case, a technique was used to prevent this from happening. To do this a section of palatal bone is removed to prevent the shift in the implant. Also, covered in the case video, are suggestions on of how to select the proper drilling location, depth and implant, so that the implant can be immediately loaded successfully even in a very difficult case like this.

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