Lateral Sinus Augmentation with Severe Sinus Pneumatization

This short video demonstrates a lateral sinus augmentation, using piezoelectric surgery, in a case where the patient presented with excessive sinus pneumatization in the posterior left maxilla. CBCT measurements were used to treatment plan a lateral sinus augmentation with an implant planned at a second stage. Leave any comments below.

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4 thoughts on “Lateral Sinus Augmentation with Severe Sinus Pneumatization

  1. Please explain why bicuspid tooth with plus three mobility was left in place. Tooth is possible source of infection and not restorable. An easy way to ruin a very nice procedure.

  2. On your scan there was a healthy posterior molar- where did it go?
    And mobility of premolar is questionable – needs explanation. You almost extracted it with your 15 blade. That’s not secondary occlusal trauma.
    Window is too small- if there’s no teeth – make a bigger window- easier membrane elevation and faster surgery.
    If you are gonna present cases- better make sure you have it together-
    Sorry – satisfactory execution but questionable presentation.

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