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Lateral Sinus Lift: Perforation, Repair, and Implants

Last Updated June 21, 2018
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

These two videos demonstrate the lateral window sinus technique, and implant placement, following the repair of membrane perforation. The lateral osseous wall of the sinus was exposed with a vertical releasing incision by mucoperiosteal buccal flap. A bony window into the sinus was created with a round diamond bur under copious irrigation with sterile saline solution. The Schneiderian membrane while initially intact, was perforated. A Resorbable membrane was shaped and secured with tacks to repair the perforation, and the sinus window was filled with xenograft. Flap was closed with PTFE sutures. CBCT images were taken 18 months after the sinus lift procedure. Finally, 2 implants were placed in the location. After 3 months, the implants were restored with screw-retained zirconia crowns.

Video 1: Perforation and Repair

**Video 2: Implant Placement**
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