Lower Molar Extraction with Graft

This video shows a lower left first molar extraction, followed by a socket graft, and then an immediate implant placement with an Anyridge 5×10 implant. After 3 months, the implant was restored with a screw-retained zirconia crown

3 thoughts on “Lower Molar Extraction with Graft

  1. Mike says:

    They do have wider body implants for that. I use Keystone Max Implants. They have 7mm, 8mm and 9mm widths. They work very well in the molars sites. The final crowns are more hygienic….


    Well tried dr

    but few suggestions
    better to plan your crown and centralise implant with maximum axial loading using wider implants avoiding cantilever forces
    we do have good wide implants from Megagen Anyridge with deep thread design

  3. Maungmaung Thaw says:

    Should plan Prosthetic driven. Not bone driven. Placing Implant without guide will be problem with misplaceing to distal because of Parallax affect, unless Assistant is helping. Should avoid cantilever crown on distal end of lower arch because a lots of occlusal load.


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