Lower Molar Implant: Fully Guided

In this two-part video, Dr. Simon walks you thru placement of a lower molar implant. The first video shows the planning for this implant placement using computer-guided software, including the marking of the inferior alveolar nerve, creating of a virtual wax up, and implant site simulation. The second video discusses various issues surrounding the actual techniques involved. Should you lay a flap or use the flapless approach? Learn how the “STAMP” technique can help you make better a better decision.

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5 thoughts on “Lower Molar Implant: Fully Guided

    1. This is meant to preserve attached and keratinized gingiva important for long term function of the implant. For this diameter implant a fully punched approach looses 5mm of tissue. I used the 1/2 punch technique therefore saved some. Soft tissue is never enough and your literally compromising your result long term for a short term small investment of time and minor discomfort

  1. You could have done this thru a tissue punch hole. The morbitity caused to the patient by raising a flap was unnecesary I feel.

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