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Mucogingival Defect Case: Potential Consequences When Left Untreated?

Last Updated August 31, 2016
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In this series of two videos, Dr. Ziv Simon discusses a very common soft tissue problem call the Mucogingival Defect. One of the most prevalent areas for this defect is the lower incisor area. In the first video, Dr. Simon shows a case where the patient presents with a mucogingival defect. Dr. Simons explains in a very simple way the nature of the problem and offers a free gingival graft as the suggested treatment plan to improve the tissue quality, eliminate mucosal pull, and prevent further recession. In the second video, the same patient is reviewed again after 4 weeks, following complaints of pain, swollen lymph nodes, and mobility on tooth. After examination, it becomes clear that in the interim short period following the initial observation, the patient had developed a periodonal abscess, with seperation, and with all the clinical signs of an infection. While this case is somewhat unique, it clearly shows what can happen when a mucogingival defect goes untreated.

Part I

**Part II**
### Background for Mucogingival Defect

Mucogingival conditions are deviations from the normal anatomic relationship between the gingival margin and the mucogingival junction. Mucogingival surgery is plastic surgery designed to correct defects in the gingiva surrounding the teeth. Common mucogingival conditions are recession, absence, or reduction of keratinized tissue, and probing depths extending beyond the mucogingival junction. Surgical techniques used to augment cosmetic mucogingival defects include the free gingival autograft, the subepithelial connective tissue graft, rotational flaps, lateral sliding flaps, coronally repositioned flaps, and the use of acellular dermal matrix grafts.1

1\. Dent Clin North Am. 2012 Jan;56(1):267-79,.Surgical management of cosmetic mucogingival defects.Dym et al.

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