No Drill Protocol: Immediate Implant Placement

This surgical video demonstrates a immediate implant placement using the no drill protocol.

3 thoughts on “No Drill Protocol: Immediate Implant Placement

  1. Beian says:

    Is it just me not seeing it correctly but I would be very nervous with that defect on the lingual. That’s a ton of space between the implant and bone

  2. Kaz Zymantas says:

    Is that a Neodent implant? Interesting. Could you post an immediate and healed x ray. Thanks for posting

  3. DrT says:

    Since that membrane is uncovered on the buccal it will be lost very quickly…and then too the bone graft…not to mention the lingual aspect. The implant might survive but there will definitely be periodontal issues in the future…the very near future. It is sad that biology and basic surgical principles of surgery are not followed in cases like this..I wish this patient good luck…he will need it for sure

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