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Overdenture Treatment with Labial Bone and Contour Augmentation

Last Updated September 29, 2016
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This video shows two cases of implant overdenture treatment with bone augmentation. The first case involves a 63 year-old female whose chief complaint was mobility and pain on the maxillary anterior teeth, where a bridge was set 7 years prior. The treatment plan involved extraction, fixture installation, bone graft, and simultaneous GBR procedure (sandwich technique). The second case in the video demonstrates a contour augmentation technique with GBR (in this video the augmentation was done with autogenous bone + alloplastic material + membrane).

About Contour Augmentation

The countour surgical augmentation technique was developed in the late 1990s using the guided bone regeneration (GBR) technique. The goal of contour augmentation is a thick facial bone wall to support esthetic soft tissue contours. The technique is characterized by the use of two bone fillers: locally harvested autogenous bone chips to enhance new bone formation during the initial phase of bone healing combined with a low-substitution bone filler (e.g. alloplastic material or bovine bone matrix (DBBM) particles), which are primarily used for long-term stability of contour augmentation. The graft is then covered with a resorbable collagen membrane to provide a temporary barrier. The surgeries are completed with primary wound closure using a tension-free adaptation of the wound margins.

For more information see: Long-term Stability of Early Implant Placement with Contour Augmentation, where the authors concluded:

The results of the present study confirm favorable data from a recent prospective cross-sectional study with 41 implants and 5 to 9 yrs of follow-up using the same surgical approach (Buser et al., 2013). This study reported a low risk of mucosal recession and the presence of an intact facial bone wall in 95% of the patients. Considering both prospective long-term studies, we can conclude that early implant placement with simultaneous contour augmentation offers high predictability for successful esthetic outcomes and good long-term stability of the established facial bone wall.

1. Long-term Stability of Early Implant Placement with Contour Augmentation, J Dent Res. 2013 Dec; 92, Buser et al.

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