Predictable Bone Regeneration: Everyday Clinical Applications

Nowadays with the advent of restoratively-driven implant placement, there is a frequent necessity to develop an adequate volume of bone to support a properly positioned implant. This lecture presented by Dr. Juan Francisco Pardo presents clinical cases that deal with key aspects of bone biology, bone healing attributes, and hard tissue grafting techniques, such as ridge preservation, ridge augmentation and localized sinus lift. The ridge preservation cases presented in the lecture include one site, multiple adjacent sites, infected sites, anterior and posterior sites. Ridge augmentation is reviewed in both the horizontal and vertical dimensions. In general, as discussed in more detail in the lecture, Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR), uses GTR principles for implant site development. A main difference, though, is that whereas GTR requires regeneration of bone, the requirement for implant site development are less complicated than GTR, in that only bone formation needs to be enhanced. Additionally, GBR uses the barrier concept to selectively permit osteoprogenitor cells to colonize the site so that an increased volume of bone may be formed. Watch below for the lecture and add any comments/questions below.

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