Replacement of Congenital Missing Lateral Incisor

In this video, Prof. Ziv Mazor demonstrates the replacement of congenital missing lateral incisor with a narrow platform implant.

Congenital missing teeth is also discussed in these prior posts: Congenital hypodontia: treatment suggestions?, Limited surgical space and increase restorative space: thoughts?.

An interesting study of 18 subjects with congenital missing teeth concluded that:
“Oral rehabilitation with implant-supported prosthetic constructions seems to be a good alternative in adolescents with extensive aplasia, provided that craniofacial growth has ceased or is almost complete.”1

1. Orthodontic aspects of the use of oral implants in adolescents: a 10-year follow-up study. Eur J Orthod. 2001 Dec;23(6):715-31. Thilander B et al.

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2 thoughts on “Replacement of Congenital Missing Lateral Incisor

  1. Nice work. but I think for immediate loading . The stability of implant should be measured before the insertion of the provisional crown.

  2. thank you for your video I think the implant is too long and not in between the two teeth and when we have good interdental papilla the papilla saving incision is better.

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