Ridge Splitting Cases in Narrow Alveolar ridge


This video shows 3 cases demonstrating the ridge splitting technique. The first 2 cases involves a narrow alveolar ridge in the posterior maxilla, while the 3rd case shows the technique in the anterior. Ridge splitting with bone expansion is a technique which uses specialized instruments to manipulate the bone in order to create a suitable site for implant placement, without the need to remove any bone from the implant site. It is best suited for maxillary bone, because this bone is pliable and can be slowly manipulated using special instruments to improve the quality of the bone. Therefore, expansion of the bone is easily achieved. Additionally, the ideal indications of ridge splitting and bone expansion procedure are those sites that do not require vertical ridge augmentation and have cancellous bone present between labial and palatal cortical plate. As is evident, case selection is important for the success of ridge splitting. For an additional case/background on ridge splitting, see: Alveolar ridge split technique for implant placement

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