Root Resorption on Lower Incisors: Extraction and Implant Placement

This video shows the implant treatment plan for a 44-year old female that presented with root resorption on both lower lateral incisors. Examination revealed a very thin gingival biotype with swollen gums around the lateral incisors. On probing, bleeding was present on the buccal side. The treatment plan involved extraction of the lower incisors, followed by implant placment with guided bone regeneration, and finally an screw-retained bridge.

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3 thoughts on “Root Resorption on Lower Incisors: Extraction and Implant Placement

  1. Thanks for the video – I’d like longer time to view the photo/slide sections … there wasn’t enough time to read your text and view the image, the music was fine 😉

  2. Beautiful case Music was OK but I prefer the sound of suction and a step by step narration. Well Done Thank You for presenting

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