Sinus Lift Crestal Approach and Implant Placement

This video shows a sinus lift using the Crestal Approach, which is generally considered less aggressive than the lateral approach. The Crestal approach is also a relatively simpler procedure and requires less time for wound healing that the lateral approach (see the Neobiotech SCA Kit). In the case presented, the patient had 4 – 5 millimeters of bone. After performing the lift, implants are placed. The bone graft used during the procedure is Bond Apatite, which makes the technique even simpler. (You might also like this video: Lateral Augmentation with Bond Apatite)

The top-selling Neobiotech SCA Kit provides a complete set of tools for performing a crestal sinus lift, effectively and safely. It features a unique s-reamer drill design, and depth control.
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Bond Apatite is a new grafting product that combines biphasic calcium sulfate with a formula of hydroxyapatite granules in a pre-filled syringe to create a self-setting cement for bone graft procedures.
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5 thoughts on “Sinus Lift Crestal Approach and Implant Placement

  1. I’ve watched the other Bond Apatite videos, and I’m a bit confused here. Why is the material injected into a dish and then you wait 3 to 5 minutes? In the other videos the material is injected directly into the site. Why the difference here?

    1. Thank you for your question doctor. The only time that we recommend to eject the cement into dish and wait for 3-5 minute is in close sinus lift because it is easier to be pushed into the osteotomy and you are not limited with time. All the other indications, you should eject it directly from the syringe into the site and then PPC (place ,press , close).

      1. Yes Amos , always do the same as well and can load into a narrower graft gun for direct placement into the sinus …

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