Sinus Lift Crestal Approach using Hydraulic Pressure


This video demonstrates the crestal approach for sinus lift, following extensive maxillary sinus pneumatization after extraction of 16 and 17. A CT Scan of #16 revealed 2mm of residual bone height and mucosal thickening, while the scan of #17 revealed 4mm of residual bone height and mucosal thickening. The Sinus Lift was performed using special reamers and stoppers (available in our Sinus Lift Kit, which prevent excessive and over-drilling. The lift was also helped with the hydrostatic sinus lift technique, which provides evenly distributed hydraulic pressure during sinus membrane elevation, thus ensuring the safety of the procedure, and reducing the risk of Schneiderian membrane perforation..

> The Sinus Lift Kit allows maxillary bone to be drilled efficiently, and includes all the instruments you need for both the crestal and lateral approaches.

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