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Sinus Lift using Hydraulic Pressure with Balloon

This video shows two cases where the hydraulic pressure technique is used with a balloon device to lift the sinus. After the sinus lift, the cavity is filled with graft material and an implant is placed. Leave any comments below.

The Water Lift Kit, uses a similar technique that evenly distributes hydraulic pressure during sinus membrane elevation, thus ensuring the safety of the procedure. The Water Lift kit is included in the complete Sinus Lift Kit.

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6 thoughts on “Sinus Lift using Hydraulic Pressure with Balloon

    1. The Sinus Lift Kit at comes with a similar hydro lift system (not a balloon hydro, but a similar concept). It uses the proven technique of hydrostatic sinus lift, to provide evenly distributed hydraulic pressure during sinus membrane elevation, thus ensuring the safety of the procedure. You can also by the Water Lift Kit, separately, as it can be used in conjunction with any sinus lift kit.

  1. I think the name of the operation should be not sinus lifting but sinus filling .I admire the caurage of doctor .If the OPG is examined carefully it can be seen that the vertical height of teh residual alveolar process is almost one or two mm.which is not enough for the initial fixation of an implant besides it is almost impossible to lift the membrane without dameging it with that penetration of the bur .the patient can consider himself very lucky ıf no infection occurs in the feature and itis well known that any material that diminishs the capacity of sinus maxillaris causes great differences in the speech [resonance[ of a person so I think it will a good idea to think the advantages and disadvantagesof a case before the operation.
    Good Luck

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