Socket Grafting with Missing Buccal Plate

This case involved the grafting of a socket with a missing buccal plate. The decision was made to use Bond Apatite as the grafting material. The video shows the radiographic appearance of the graft on Day 1, 7 days post-op, 14 days post-op, 2 months post-op, and 3 months post-op. The histology core sample shows vital new bone with osteocytes and vascular structures. Areas of residual scaffold were surrounded by connective tissue and occupied approximately 10% of the sample area.

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3 thoughts on: Socket Grafting with Missing Buccal Plate

  1. Dr. Rayment says:

    Nice case and thank you for sharing. How long did you wait before placing the implant? Do you typically close the case with no membrane?

    • Yahav says:

      Thank you doctor ,we wait 3 month before implant placement ,and no membrane or PRF should be used when working with Bond Apatite or 3 D bond graft cements .as you can see here all the surgical protocol is less invasive and opposite to conventional grafting since here the flap must be with tension and not tension free.and during closure the graft can be left partially exposed (3 mm exposure is perfectly fine )

  2. Davydov Alexandr says:

    I dont like artificial bone before dental implantation. Artificial bone is good for example for periodontal recession of bone When you try to install dental implant you can see not real bone. In this video case we can see on x-rays on 7 and 14 days that volume of losing bone is near one third of previos full volume. Than at the end of video we can see dental implantation. Such level of bone we can receive ,in my opinion, if we make primary closure of socket wound with sutures withiot bone grafting material.

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