Step by Step Anterior Implant Placement with Guided Bone Regeneration

This short video shows the major steps of anterior implant placement, using a Straumann Bone Level Tapered 12mm implant, with simultaneous augmentation. The GBR is performed using a resorbable membrane and bovine xenograft. The membrane is trimmed to completely cover the bone defect. A post-operative radiograph is used to confirm the position of the implant and a temporary acrylic crown is delivered 3 months after the placement of the implant, to help condition the soft tissues prior to the final restoration. Leave any comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Step by Step Anterior Implant Placement with Guided Bone Regeneration

  1. Very well done thank you. I think you are very correct for placing graft and membrane . Short term results would be fine. but as time passes the buccal recession would probably be greater with non grafted. Also b-p angle is really important screw hole should be p to incisal edge position which I think you did nicely.

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