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4 thoughts on “Suture Technique for Fixation of Collagen Membranes

  1. Thank you for sharing the video. I utilize this technique frequently for connective tissue grafts, but would advise against it for hard tissue defects. The soft tissues will move with normal function and lip movement, especially where you tie the knot, and thereby cause the membrane to move as it heals. I would worry that this would compromise how much bone gain I could get. Any movement and decrease in wound stability is bad for bone healing.

    Does anyone else have any insights?

  2. With all the respect, the healing might be problematic without primary closure which can be achieved by performing tension free closure and mattress stitches vertical or horizontal.

  3. This suturing has to be done Deep! Your periosteal releasing incision has to be above your sutured membrane so you can free up and pull up enough tissue to achieve flap eversion with horizontal matress sutures followed with singles. Which wasn’t done in this video. Apparently the graft volume wasn’t enough to prevent closure.

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