Implant Grafting Techniques: Demineralized Sponge Strip and Tunneling

In this popular video, Dr. Samuel Lee reviews several unique grafting and surgical techniques for implant dentistry. In the first segment of the video, he demonstrates the use of a demineralized cancellous sponge strip with a pericardium membrane to graft a thin ridge. The sponge strip allows you to make a minimal flap instead of making a huge vertical incision, because the strip is malleable and you can easily insert it. Since it’s important not to have any dead space, allograft granules are also added to fill in some gaps. The second part of the video, reviews the minimally invasive tunneling technique (MIT). MIT is a surgical technique that allows you to perform a graft thru a small incision. One of the benefits of a minimally invasive tunnel technique is that you no longer have to do a flap elevation for augmentation. In the MIT technique shown in the video, a pericardium membrane is used to create a tunnel to introduce bone graft material. Bone is then placed in the tunnel with a prefilled allograft syringe (Note: demineralized cancellous sponge strips have also been used successfully in the tunneling technique without a membrane, as the periosteum acts as the membrane). Finally, Dr. Lee shows the use of single-step osteotomy and discusses the crestal and lateral approaches to the sinus lift. When approaching the sinus lift, the video shows the use of water pressure, or hydrostatic sinus lift to reduce the risk of Schneiderian membrane perforation (see Water Lift System for Hydrostatic Sinus Lift).

Interesting in some of the techniques in this video, for more information see the products below:

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