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2 thoughts on “Three tips for All-on-4 from Dr. Malo

  1. I had looked for years for a hands on surgical course teaching all on 4 technique that was not proprietary driven. I could not. The tips given are very good ones to adhere to. Do not deviate from them like restoring to the second molar and going beyond the limits of cantilevering as an example. They will fail.

    1. That’s true.
      I worked at Malo Clinic at Lisbon and Oporto.
      I was engaged in training courses.
      And sometimes we received colleagues (from all over the world) that have already get their training on All-on-4.
      But the amount of misconceptions and principles were wrong.
      Having the best traing, with colleagues that master and and have the experience, is critical.
      Kinds regards
      Miguel Guimarães

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