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Using Implants in the Atrophic Ridge

Last Updated October 06, 2016
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In this video, Prof. Ziv Mazor demonstrates the management of an atrophic maxillary ridge using narrow diameter implants.

### More on Treatment of Severely Atrophic Maxillary Anterior Region

For additional discussions on Treatment of Severely Atrophic Maxillary Anterior Region, please be sure to check out this case discussion from Dr. Froum etc.:

The edentulous anterior atrophic maxilla represents a challenge for the surgeon and restorative dentist. Soft- and hard-tissue augmentation procedures are often required prior to, or simultaneously with, implant placement. A well-planned treatment protocol, patient compliance, and collaboration between the treating clinicians and the laboratory are requirements in achieving predictable long-term outcomes that satisfy patient expectations. Avoiding transmucosal loading and movement of the graft during the healing phase are crucial factors in achieving lasting success. In this case report, a fixed provisional restoration supported by four immediately loaded narrow-diameter implants (NDIs) was used to enable function during healing and protect the grafted site. Two of the NDIs, along with three conventional-diameter implants, were subsequently used to support the final restoration. NDIs with diameters of less than 3 mm can achieve excellent long-term osseointegration and may be used together with conventional implants for definitive prosthodontic treatment as demonstrated by the 11-year follow-up reported in this case. 1

1. Stuart J. Froum, DDS et al. Use of Narrow-Diameter Implants in Treatment of Severely Atrophic Maxillary Anterior Region With Implant-Supported Fixed Restorations, Compendium of Continuing Education in Dentistry.

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